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5 ways to help kids practice mindfulness

Mindfulness has helped adults a lot in taking less stress and helped in improving mood. Wouldn’t it be great if the same benefits can be transferred to children as well?

11 ways to prevent Panic Attack

A panic attack is a quick episode of observing great fear that happens due to various physical reactions when actually there’s no such accurate fear or apparent cause. Panic attacks can be extremely scary when it happens a person can suffer from a massive heart attack or may die on the spot.

Are you taking your daily dose of vitamins?

Do you feel that your immunity is low? Do you get a common cough and cold too often? Your metabolism isn’t working great? Or your bone density is not as good? If you can relate to any of these questions, then you might have Vitamin deficiency.

Benefits of Organic Foods

Consumers are always looking for food that is very healthy and curious to know where these healthy foods are produced and the key benefits. Organic Foods are prepared without any usage of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical ingredients.

Ecommerce for the healthcare: medical care on your doorsteps

Do you still visit your pharmacist for your monthly medications? Well, most of us still do.Isn’t it weird that we shop for our TV, mobile phones, clothes, and even food online, and for things like your medications you have to opt offline?

Healthcare sector is degrading?

We all have experienced the recent pandemic, so what do you think, how INDIA handled it? Do you think the healthcare sector of our country is to be trusted? Do you think we need a change?

How many types of ambulances are there?

Medical support on wheels! This is what we think of when we hear the word ambulance. And it is right to every extent.An ambulance provides mobile medical care to their patients in case of any medical emergency.

How to cope up with stress at the workplace

We all have some amount of work pressure at the office, be it doing final auditing, writing articles, bringing out the best designs, or delivering food at the right address. No place on mother earth is free from work stress. Various people have so many different healthy/unhealthy ways to handle stress in their ways.

How to maintain your daily hygiene?

How often do you wash your hands? Just before eating something or after using the washroom? How many times do you brush your teeth? Once? Twice? How long are your fingernails?

How to make a healthy diet a part of your lifestyle

Good nutrition plays a very important role in shaping up an individual's overall development. When it has complied with physical activity, the proper diet can help in reaching a healthy lifestyle, it also may reduce the chances of long-standing diseases.

Is your diabetes in control?

Do you have diabetes and still can’t stop craving sweets? You can’t break out from the unhealthy routine you have created when you still are on a strict diet? Do you think borderline diabetes is nothing to worry about?

Prevention from Heat-related illness

If the weather is very scorching, your chances of getting affected by heat-related accelerate. That's because high sultry weather makes it quite difficult for you to stand in the humid environment. Secondly, without taking the right treatment, the situation may get worse.

Signs and Symptoms of depression in the male population

Depression is one of the major concerns across the globe and people from different walks of life have been affected by this disease.Most people try to avoid talking about it due to embarrassment and fear of being ridiculed, which is a wrong perception. We as a society should be looking at depression as hazardous as Cancer, AIDS, or any life-threatening disease.

Is snacking healthy?

Snack eaters love to munch it because it helps in reducing oodles of weight, which is why health-conscious people are very choosy and will never pick anything randomly for satisfying metabolism.

The perks of Organic Products

Irrespective of the choices organic products are always an intelligent preference. Choosing natural products helps you to protect yourself from side effects from personal and planetary health. Purchasing natural products helps you to abandon cheap and hygienic products with a good amount of nutrition, taste, and which is better for your body.

These products can help you in your old age!

When you get old, hospitals become your second home and doctors become your best friend. Isn’t it right? The older you grow, the wiser you get. Unfortunately, that does not go with your body.

What is your skincare routine?

Do you stand in front of your mirror and wonder how good you would look without these pimples and acne? Your cupboard is filled with face cream and face washes and they still don't work? Are you tired of spending money on expensive skincare products?