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WOW Skin Science Ubtan Bathing Bar - 75GMS

Want a luxuriant & radiance-boosting bathing experience? We suggest that you give our Ubtan Bathing Bar a try. It's a skin-brightening & anti-tanning bathing bar infused with the goodness of chickpea flour, sandalwood oil, saffron & turmeric extract. This bathing bar has 5.5pH that protects skin barrier & restores skin’s normal pH. The bar gently washes off dirt without stripping off skin’s natural oil. Helps restore skin’s pH balance, reduce irritation, smoothen roughness, improve complexion. Why 5.5pH is important in a bathing bar? Skin’s natural pH is acidic in nature to keep moisture in and bacteria out. Using a bathing bar with 5.5pH protects and restores skin’s ‘acid mantle’. A bathing bar with 5.5pH is soap-free meaning it keeps your skin moisturized and dewy soft. It has a luxurious lather that gently cleanses your skin. The 5.5pH ensures your skin absorbs the goodness of natural ingredients. It is a soap-free, non-drying bathing bar that removes dirt without disturbing your skin’s natural moisture balance. It removes dirt, excess sebum and impurities from the skin leaving it feeling fresh and soft. Your skin does not feel taut and dry after washing. Helps to repair skin damage, soften rough, dry skin and replenish the lipid barrier of skin. The bar leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. It is infused with actives inspired by the traditional Ubtan recipes. Chickpea flour is rich in minerals like zinc & copper & vitamin E that boost the skin renewal process & keep skin soft. Saffron extract has B vitamins protect skin that from UV damage & brightens skin tone. Turmeric extract contains vitamins, essential minerals & antimicrobial properties that soothe skin irritations & repair skin damage. Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory properties that calms skin and balances excess sebum. The pack comes with the pH indicator strip to help you test the pH value of the bathing bar. Place the strip on the lather of wet bar and wait for the color to change. Match the color of the strip to the pH value scale shown on the pack.

Color Gray, Red, Black
Size L, M, S
Higher memory bandwidth 1,544 MHz
Higher pixel rate 74.1 GPixel/s
More shading units 1,544 MHz
Better PassMark direct compute score 3,953 GFLOPS
More texture mapping units 123.5 GTexel/s
Higher memory clock speed 1,759 MHz
Better floating-point performance 5,049
Power 5,049
Windows 64bit Windows 7*, 8 or 10
Graphic Card 4Gb dedicated Graphics card (such as NVIDIA – Open GL 4.0 or later)
HDD 500Gb HDD (this is more driven by the amount of data you want to keep on your computer, rather than LSS itself)
Screen Single HD Screen (1920x1080 with 100% desktop scaling) or 1366x768 with second monitor 1920x1080 or higher
Mark J.
Oct 30, 2021

Everything is perfect. I would recommend!

Ann R.
Oct 30, 2021

There was a small mistake in the order. In return, I got the correct order and I could keep the wrong one for myself.

Jenna S.
Oct 30, 2021

I ordered on Friday evening and on Monday at 12:30 the package was with me. I have never encountered such a fast order processing.

John M.
Oct 30, 2021

Everything is perfect. I would recommend!

Mark J.
Oct 30, 2021

There was a small mistake in the order. In return I got the correct order and I could keep the wrong one for myself.

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